Mumbai Guide: Best Local Dishes, Drinks & Where To Try Them!

Bombay Sandwich: This sandwich is a combination of a spicy potato mash and fresh veggies like tomato, onion, cucumber and beetroot sandwiched between two slices of white bread. The bread slices are slathered with butter and green chutney made with pudina or mint. This sandwich is served plain or toasted and often topped with grated cheese, more butter and sev

Where to find it: Raju Sandwich Stall, Behind Samrat Hotel, next to the J, near HR College, Churchgate, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400020

Cutting Chai. Image Source.

Cutting Chai: Chai is a tea concoction made by boiling together black tea leaves, milk, water, sugar and whole spices like cardamom, ginger or any other flavouring spice. ‘Cutting chai’ is half a cup of tea, less in quantity and price, and can be found at every nook and corner in the city. It is typically served in cutting chai glasses, that hold the perfect amount of tea and have a distinct ridged design. 

Where to find it: Prithvi Cafe, 20, Janki Kutir Apartment, Alongside Prithvi Theatre, Juhu Church Rd, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400049.

Falooda: This is a cold, sweet dessert made with rose syrup, vermicelli noodles, sabja or sweet basil seeds, milk, ice cream, dry fruits and jelly. It is often served in a tall glass equipped with a straw and a spoon. These days, Falooda comes in various flavours including mango, chocolate and strawberry to name a few. 

Where to find it: Baba Falooda, 1-2, Bellview Mansion, LJ Cross Road, Lady Jamshedji Rd, Mahim, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400016.

Bhelpuri: Bhel puri is one of Mumbai’s most popular street food snacks. This dish is a mixture of puffed rice, green mint chutney, sweet and tangy tamarind chutney, tomatoes, onion, coriander, green chillies, boiled potatoes, sev and some powdered spices. It is almost always served with papdi or circular crispy fried dough wafers.

Where to find it: Gupta Chaat Center, Shop. No. 3&4, lbs market, SM Jadhav Rd, Matunga East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400019.

Sugarcane Juice: Commonly known as ganna juice, this drink can be found in all nooks and corners of the city. Made by pressing the sugarcane shoots between a small portable mill to extract the juice, which is then mixed with cold water ice and a masala powder, the refreshing juice is served in big glass mugs.

Where to get: Gupta Sugarcane Juice Center, 12, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Marg, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001.

Pani Puri: Pani puri is a dish that consists of a round hollow puri (a deep-fried crisp flatbread) that is filled with a mixture of boiled potatoes, chickpeas, mung bean, chilli powder, chaat masala and tamarind chutney. This filled puri is then dipped in spicy, flavoured water and eaten whole.   

Where to find it: Guru Kripa, 40, Rd Number 24, Near SIES College, Sion West, Sion, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400022.

Kalakhatta: Made with jamuns or Indian black plum, this deep purple, tangy and sweet sherbet is found across the city, usually being poured over ice golas or shaved ice on sticks. This popular summer beverage is often mixed with salt, sugar, lemon juice, and pepper before being poured on the ice gola, making it a delight for the tastebuds. 

Where to get: Jai Jawan Stall, next to Birla Kreda Kendra, Bhel Plaza, Chowpatty, Girgaon, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400007. 

Coconut Water. Image Source

Coconut Water: Walk around the city and you’ll find multiple coconut water vendors, each with a little stall, surrounded by tender coconuts. Coconut water is a great way to keep hydrated through the heat, and is also a pocket-friendly option, given that the price of coconut with water is usually below Rs.50. 

Where to get: Across multiple street stalls/vendors in the city.

Frankie: This is the city’s comfort food, made with a spiced potato filling and Tawa cooked masala veggies being rolled in a regular or whole wheat flour flatbread. The flatbread is pan-fried with a layer of egg inside (sometimes) and smeared with a sauce or chutney. It is then rolled up in a piece of paper and served. 

Where to find it: Narayan Snack Parlour, Dr S Radhakrishnan Marg, Sai Baba Wadi, Azad Nagar, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400053.

Jaljeera: Often consumed post meals, Jaljeera is a tangy powder that is mixed with cold water and consumed as a digestive aid. Made with cumin, black pepper, ginger, salt, mint, and lemon juice, this beverage is the city’s favourite. This drink is hydrating and possesses anti-inflammatory properties. It is also known to contain vitamin C, making it a summer essential. 

Where to get: Across multiple street stalls/vendors in the city.

Neembu Paani: Lemonade is a great energiser, without added caffeine. Made with water, fresh lemon juice, mint leaves, cumin, salt and chaat masala, this beverage is truly a crowd favourite and can be found almost anywhere in the city.  

Where to get: Across multiple street stalls/vendors in the city.


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