Get Your Foodie Gifting Game On Point With These Gift Ideas

Picture credit Pickpik

The festive season is knocking on our doors and with Christmas barely a few days away, gifting is at its peak. So, instead of frantically looking around every store trying to figure out what to gift the foodie in your life, try out these ideas and become the festive gifting champion.

DIY Food Kits

A DIY food pack is a simple and thoughtful gift for anyone who likes to cook, bake or is simply crafty. Right from DIY hot chocolate to fancy beverage, cheese and even kombucha kits the choice is unending. Just pick up the most interesting one you can find and gift away. Brownie points if you manage make one on your own!

Himalayan Salt Slab

These pretty pink salt slabs are perfect for cooking, grilling and even curing meat. Just a simple slab like this makes a great cooking base while adding more complexity and nutrition to the food being made. It can tolerate extremely high temperatures making it perfect for cooking pretty much anything. Plus, it’s pretty pink glow will make sure it compliments almost any kitchen decor.

Proper Knife Set

If your favourite foodie loves to spend time cooking up a storm, a good knife set will come in handy. Look for a solid set that has variety and quality. Don’t settle for flimsy or over the top ones as they might not serve the purpose. Investing in good knives goes a long way and the person recieving this, is most definitely going to be happy. So, don’t hesitate to spend a little more moolah.

Custom Label Beverages

Nothing says special like a custom label. If you’re favourite foodie loves their wine, beer or maybe even water, you can get them a custom labelled bottle as a special gift. Print out a fancy label with their name on it and maybe a small message and that bottle is sure to go straight on shelf for everyone to see. Tie a pretty red ribbon over it and you’ve got yourself a winner!

Personalized Crockery

If custom labels aren’t gonna make the cut for you, take a step ahead with personalized crockery. Find a set of pretty plates, bowls or even cups and get a name or a special message carved on it. Put it in a elaborate box and you’re good to go.

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