A Peak Into The Ghirardelli Ice cream & Chocolate shop


San Francisco is a city of great culture and heritage. Right from the architecture to the sights and even the people, everything reflects on a peaceful coexistence between the traditional and the modern.

One such place is the Ghirardelli square. In a large area with many chocolate stores and cafes, the Ghirardelli Ice cream and Chocolate shop is the one to stand out. With a promise to serve the best hot fudge ice cream sundaes in the world, this small place isn’t easy to miss.

With honeycomb patterned flooring, brick walls and a chocolate brown on the chairs and ceiling, this cafe is a crowd favourite. You can walk up to the counters, right as you enter the door, place your order and grab a table. The sundae is brought to you while you admire the beauty that this place is. (There  is a menu outside, so make sure to know your order before you enter, it makes the whole process a lot easier)

Although called a store, its much like a café or restaurant that serves a variety of different food options. Their menu consists of an eclectic array of ice-cream sundaes served with their very own milk chocolate.

The Muir Woods, a black forest cherry sundae is a must have here. This beauty is made of delicious black cherry vanilla ice cream with handmade hot fudge topped with fresh whipped cream, chocolate chips and of course a cherry on top and all at a price of ($11.95). The Golden Gate, a banana split sundae ($12.45) and the Lands End, a salted caramel brownie sundae ($14.50) are recommended too.

Mind blowing sundaes are not the only good things served here. Right from single scoops of ice cream to hot chocolate, shakes and even handmade chocolate treats, it’s a chocolate lovers dream come true.

One other thing this beautiful store is famous for is the chocolate making machine it holds inside. A huge machine mixing, churning and pouring out chocolate is quite a sight to watch and the process can be seen live.

In three tired mills, grinding and friction melt the cocoa nibs into melted unsweetened chocolate, after which the granite rollers mix this chocolate with a variety of other ingredients, depending on the type of chocolate being made. The final step in this process is conching, which essentially smoothes and aerates the mixture giving the chocolate a certain flavour and texture. This chocolate is then tempered and put into various molds.  The whole chocolate making process truly gives an insight into the art of making quality chocolates that this brand has undoubtedly mastered.

Right from beautiful European architecture to the famous Golden Gate Bridge and the infamous Alcatraz Island, the city of San Francisco has a lot to offer. But a visit to this café should definitely be on top of your list, especially if you love chocolate!

*There is a second store as well that is located on Financial district.

*The approximate cost for two would be around $25.

*There is a lot of walking as the place is pretty far from the main city, so try to hop on to a tram or a bus.




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