Celebrate The Big Bang Nights At The Masala Bar, Bandra


The Masala Bar, Bandra has the best solution to all your mid-week blues. Wind up with work and drop by here to celebrate The Big Bang Nights every Tuesday. Expect a lot of good music, gastronomical (read fancy) drinks and some pretty kickass food.

To begin your night, you can choose from a variety of cocktails/mocktails made right in front of you! Right from Mumbai matinee to Bollywood bhaang (served in a skull glass), you are spoilt for choice. And of course if you aren’t up for any of these beauties, you can always opt for a beer. The drinks are not the only good things on the menu, because the food is just as crazy. There is a choice for vegetarian and non-veg food, like most places, but the dishes here are a little hatke.

For the vegetarians, the Tofu and paneer kurchan on top of khari naan topped with smoked sour cream is a good choice to snack on while its non-veg version, the Hauled lamb barra khurchan served on khari naan also served with a smoked sour cream is just as good for everyone who prefers meat.

My personal favourite were the Mahabaleshwar chilli poppers, stuffed with goat cheese and Gruyere mash lemon balm reduction. That’s definitely one you shouldn’t miss out on. Apart from these they also have Baked potatoes sweet and spicy beet root and apple sweet fennel yogurt which is nothing short of an artwork. The Sushi served was decent and could be worked on, in my opinion.

All in all, The Masala Bar is a great place to party with your favourite bunch of people. They have good food, amazing drinks and the most up beat music to tap your feet to. So leave all your stress behind and drop by straight from office, even get all your colleagues along I say. Because why wait for the weekend when a Tuesday night can be just as happening.

Place: Masala Bar, Level 1, Gagangiri apartments, Carter road, Bandra West.

Price: Rs. 2,500 for two people (approx.)

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