Cafe Mojo: My Experiance

Tis’ the season to party and if you are one who likes to bust out some dance moves with a beer in your hand, then Cafe Mojo is your place to be.

Cafe Mojo has recently opened in Andheri (E) and it’s the place to be for all the party people out there. The decor is very British along with certain elements of modern architecture to it. There are two different seating options (inside and roof top) depending 0n your comfort and choice. 

They have a choice between veg and non- veg food and I tried a little bit of both. Starting with the vegetarian food, I tried the corn cheese balls, mushroom in pesto sauce and barbeque pineapple. While the Mushroom was very tasty the other two were bland and not to my palate. Moving on to the non-veg dishes, I had the chicken wings and peri peri chicken. While the chicken wings were very juicy and tasted really good, the peri peri chicken lacked a lot of flavour. I also tried the barbeque chicken pizza and lamb balls, both of which were well made.

Moving on to the drinks, they have quite a variety of alcoholic and non- alcoholic drinks, but if you are someone who loves beer then this place should be at the top of your list! With an interesting concept of having mechanical beer taps at each table, they give you the liberty to fill your mugs with your favourite beer at the swipe of a card. So cool eh? No more waiting on waiters to re fill your happy mugs! 

And after downing a few refills you can hit the dance floor and dance the night away as this place is open till wee hours in the morning. 

So, wear your dancing shoes and get going! 



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