Nutella Freakshake

Milkshakes are great but freakshakes are even better! Even though they seem complicated to make, they aren’t. They are very easy to make and taste amazing! Here is one that you can try with nutella. This is just a basic idea of how you can make it, you are more than free to experiment with different flavors and looks of your freakshakes. Keep one thing in mind, make sure your freakshake looks over the top and beautiful.


To make this nutella freakshake you will need to start off by blending some milk, heavy cream, nutella, coffee powder, sugar and chocolate syrup in a blender.

Mix well and set it aside for a while.

Take the mug/jar that you want to put your freakshake in and with a spoon spread nutella on the inside of this mug and also on the rim.

You can take either chocolate chips or small chocolate pieces and stick them on the nutella lined rim of the mug/jar. Make sure to coat this area well with the chocolate.

Pour your milkshake into the the mug/jar and top it off with loads of whipped cream. Pour a good amount of chocolate sauce over this.

Add a Chocolate croissant, cupcake, pastry or any such that you like on top of the whipped cream.

Add a few more chocolate pieces on top and drizzle a little more chocolate sauce. Also add some sprinkles and a straw.

Your freakshake is ready!

You’re welcome. ❤






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