Taco Cheena- My Experience

Location: Santacruz east, Mumbaiimage

I recently visited this place called Taco Cheena, it is a small cozy restaurant in Santa Cruz east that serves authentic oriental cuisine.

It has very simple interiors and a pleasant ambiance. There are two different seating accommodations, depending on your comfort and choice.
The service is very good and the staff is friendly as well. They really make sure that you are comfortable and have a good time.

Talking about the most important part; the food.There is a good variety of dishes to choose from. It doesn’t matter if you are a vegetarian or a non- vegetarian, you have a good selection to pick from.

We did try a lot of different dishes on the menu.

Starting off with some drinks; we tried the Iced tea and the Kiwi punch. Both these drinks were equally refreshing. The iced tea was a little on the sweeter side, whereas the kiwi punch was a blend of sweet and sour.



Moving on to the soups, we had the Spicy crab meat soup and the Spicy lemon coriander soup. Both of these were amazing. They had the perfect consistency and very fresh flavors. Served piping hot, they definitely acted as comfort food.


For the appetizers, we tried the Apple chicken, which is chicken in dry schezwan, Veg and chicken kothe which is veg/ chicken filled dim sums in a thick curry, Veg spring rolls and Prawns in ginger wine sauce. All these dishes had very distinct flavors, and they all were very well made.





Moving on to the main course, we tried the Thai green curry and burnt garlic fried rice. This was a combination that surprisingly got along very well and the flavors were pretty authentic too. The Thai curry here is something I personally recommend. It hits all the right spots and was complimented very well by the fried rice.image

For the dessert, we tried the Date pancakes with vanilla ice cream, and for me this was the cherry on top of the cake.Very simple, not extremely sweet and beautifully accompanied by the vanilla ice cream, the crunch of the pancake with the sweetness of the dates and honey was very well balanced by the ice cream. It completed my meal wonderfully and was delicious. It is not your average pancake and definitely one of a kind.


My experience here has been really nice. Good service, good food and good music! What else can you ask for? If you are ever around, definitely check this place out.

Food: 7/10

Ambiance: 7/10

Service: 8/10

Cost for 2 people: Rs. 750/- (Approx)

Must try: Thai curry and the Date pancakes.

Happy Eating! 😀


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