Rainbow Desserts

Rainbow colored food is the new trend in town. Be it colorful bagels, grilled cheese, cakes and whatnot.

This trend makes your food look beautiful and totally Instagram worthy!

Rainbow Cheesecake:

Making this is very easy. You need to start off by whipping up some of your favorite cheesecake mixture (you can make it from scratch or can buy a boxed mix).

You then need to divide this batter into different bowls, depending on the colours you want.

After you have done so, add a different food colour to each bowl and mix well.

In a suitable container, make the cheesecake base and pour the different colored mixes in the bowl.

Swirl them around gently to mix in the colours lightly.

Make sure you don’t over mix. Keep it in the fridge to set.

After its set, take it out of the fridge, slice and rejoice!

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Colorful Cookies:

Start off by preparing a batch of your cookie dough.

Divide it into different bowls, just like the cheesecake mix and add in food colouring.

Then add in your chocolate chips and fold them in.

Scoop this dough into a tray in small portions to make the cookies and bake in the oven.

Get the cookies out of the oven when cooked, let them cool.


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