Glutlust & Cult Cranberry In Conversation With Saloni Malkani

Blogging has been a very important part of the new age food culture, worldwide. With the growth of social media, blogging has reached new heights and has connected people around the world who are passionate about the same thing.

Even in India, blogging has grown and evolved a lot in the past few years. Many food bloggers have gotten the opportunity to showcase their knowledge and ideas about food on many new social platforms.

One such platform that has not only given food bloggers around the country a strong base to evolve, but has also helped give chefs, restaurants, stylists and a lot more people from the food industry the recognition they deserve is the Food Bloggers Association Of India or the FBAI. It is one of India’s leading food, drink and hospitality online media.

We had the pleasure and opportunity to interact with the Co-Founder of this association Mrs. Saloni Malkani. She talks about the association, it’s journey and a lot more.


Watch the video here.


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