Mango Mania

Summer season is here and so is the king of fruits! Who doesn’t love mangoes and specially when you get them only once a year. Milkshakes, lassi  and the all time favorite mango with vanilla ice cream is something everyone makes, how about trying something different with mangoes? Here are a few different ways you can enjoy mangoes this season.

Mango Mocha Frappe.

Coffee and mango might not sound like the best combo but trust me it tastes heavenly. To make this, just add some cold milk, coffee powder, sugar, fresh cut mango slices and some ice in a blender. Give it a whiz, pour it in a glass/mug and top it off with whipped cream, chocolate syrup and diced mango slices. Much better than paying so much for a coffee outside!


Mango Mousse.


This is one of the simplest things you can make. Just take equal parts of whipped cream and mango puree and fold them in together. You can also add a little powdered sugar if needed. You can top it off with some mango pieces or some grated chocolate. Keep this in the fridge for a few hours and voila! Its ready to eat!


 Mango Jelly.

I personally really like jelly so i think its a great way to enjoy your mangoes. Its pretty easy to make. You need to add a half a cup of mango juice or mango puree (with a little water), half mango (chopped) and sugar to a pan. Turn on the heat to a medium and add 2 small packs of gelatin in the mix. Stir well until combined. Don’t let it boil. Put it in a container and keep it out for about 15 minutes. After that, keep it in the fridge until set. Serve it cold and with some ice cream!


Mango Salad.

This can be a great side dish with maybe some grilled chicken. You can add any vegetables that you like or have at home (Which would go well in a salad, obviously) and add a diced up mango to it! A basic dressing can be some vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper, honey and some oregano. This dish can be customized to you taste.


Mango Sorbet.


Sorbets are a lot like ice cream. They are normally a little more complicated to make but this one right here is pretty easy! Chop up a mango and freeze it for a few hours. After the mango is frozen well, add it to a blender and give it a whiz. Add a little condensed milk and whiz until well combined. Transfer the sorbet into a container and pop it in the freezer for a few hours. Take it out and enjoy!


Make the most of your mangoes with these ideas this summer! 😀


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