DIY Food Gift Ideas For Your Valentine

Valentines day is around the corner and this post is for all of you who want to make something for your respective valentines but can’t really think of anything and for all those single people who can make this and eat it all up while binge watching their favorite show!

Nutella Cake hearts: Starting off with little cake hearts. This is pretty easy to make. You need to start off with either baking a cake (From scratch or using cake mix) or buying a regular cake from a store. After getting the cake you need to cut it out in little heart shapes, now you can choose for them to be small or big (the choice is yours) and spread a generous amount of nutella on them. Decorate it with some valentine themed sprinkles or maybe some chocolate.

Chocolate brownie truffles: For this one you need to start off with some brownies. You can either bake them yourself or buy them. Start by crumbling these brownies and mixing in some melted chocolate. Make small balls out of the mixture and then coat them with cocoa powder. Top them off with some chocolate sauce and valentine colored sprinkles. You can wrap these up individually to make them look a little more cuter.

Pizza love: Pizza is the perfect gift for i think everyone and what better way to make it more romantic for your valentine than by shaping it into a heart. You can make small pizza’s or one large one. To start off you need to make the dough for the base. You can either make it at home or buy it from the store. Mold or carve a heart shape of the base and top it off with whatever toppings your loved one likes. Put it in the oven and ta da! Your valentine pizza is ready!

Chocolate covered strawberries: I know these are the most cliche valentine gifts of all time but they are so good and so easy to make! All you need to do is melt some chocolate and dip some fresh strawberries in it. You can add some sprinkles to decorate (i drizzled it with some caramel) and put it in the fridge to chill. Remove them and wrap em up in some fancy transparent paper and voila! You can make a whole bunch of them and put it together as a bouquet! It’s a lot better than a flower bouquet. Trust me.

Red velvet in a cup: This i think is more of a two in one gift. First thing you need to do is but a cute cup/ mug that your valentine would like ( Maybe a personalized one) and whip up some good red velvet microwave or oven recipe in the cup. ( Make sure the cup/mug is microwave/oven safe). Let the cake cool in the cup and then wrap it up and personalize it a little more by adding a tag or a letter! The good part is that even after the cake is eaten, they can still keep the cup you gave them!






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