Flower Pot Cake

Well, this is one dessert idea that really fascinated me.It is very unique and has been a trend for a while, but it is undoubtedly very expensive to order at a restaurant and very few restaurants actually make something as different as this. There is a lot that you can do with this dessert and im going to tell you one of the ways that you can make it at home. Yes, it does require a little effort to put in but it’s definitely worth it and you can save a lot of money AND eat something fancy in comfort of your PJ’s.

To start off, You need to buy plastic flower pots. The number of these pots depends on you and the number of people you are making this dessert for.  The next thing you need to do wash them and line their base with aluminium foil.

The base of this dessert pot is cake. You can either make the cake or buy it (It needs to be plain cake. Without any frosting or decoration) and cut right sized circles from the cake then lay them at the bottom. I used plain chocolate cake. The next layer is peanut butter and then a layer of chocolate ganache (which can be made by mixing melted chocolate and whipped cream). On top of this you can add any chocolate that you like. (I added cadbury and chocolate wafer rolls). Add on another layer of cake. ( you can use a different flavor– I used chocolate again) and top it off with the same chocolate ganache and strawberry coulis (You can make this by cooking together a cup of water with half a cup of sugar,some strawberries and dash of lime juice. Cook it till the sugar dissolves and the water reduces to half) Top the whole thing off with crushed Oreo cookies that look like mud. Cut a straw a little shorter than the height of your pot and put it right through the middle. Put a flower through this straw into the pot so that your flower does not touch the cake. 

Keep this in the fridge for a while and voila! It’s ready! It tastes amazing and imagine how much food you can eat with the money you just saved. You can also trick people into thinking its mud and you are feeding it to them.









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