Port O’ Gomez- My Experience

I visited this place called Port O’ Gomez in Nagpur and was pleasantly surprised. The Restaurant is made to look like a Cruise ship and the concept is very well executed. Every minute detail is taken care of beautifully and the place definitely makes you feel like you are on a Cruise liner. The interiors are very lavish and and the place is well designed.

Moving on to the the second attraction of the place, the food. Even though the service is a little slow, the food definitely makes up for it. They have quite a variety and the food is delicious. They do have a few cuisines to choose from but i personally recommend the Indian food. It is well made and authentic.

Talking about the ambiance. It is really different from most places. It has a complete luxury cruise liner feel to it and is quite and comfortable. The staff is friendly and helpful. Money wise, it is very  reasonable as well.

This is a great place to go to, with quality food and service and has a great aesthetic appeal as well. If you ever visit Nagpur city, don’t forget to drop in here as well. You won’t be disappointed.







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