Mini Tart Treats

Christmas is almost here and what better way to celebrate it than with some delicious treats! Weather its for family gatherings or just munching around, these yummies are one of the best ways to cozy up to Christmas.

So, starting with the tart shells, you can buy them at any grocery store. These mini tarts can be filled with various fillings and here are a few fillings that you can whip up in absolutely no time and with minimal effort.

Starting off with sweet fillings;

One of the easiest things you can do is melt some of your favorite chocolates and pour them into these shells and top them with off with some nuts. Keep them in the fridge to chill and serve cold. Very basic, but very tasty!

The second filling is a cinnamon and cream one. Whip up some cream with some powdered cinnamon. Fill it in the shells and top it off with some of your favorite fruits and berries. Keep it in the fridge to set and serve cold. Trust me, You do not want to miss this.

Moving on to the savory;

Mini pizza tarts are a bliss. No, seriously. All you need to do is mix in some tomato sauce and some chili sauce together with some chili flakes. Add a little bit of this mix to the tart shell. Add in some grilled tomatoes and some bacon (or any other filling you like) and top it off with some (i mean lots) of cheese. Put these in the microwave or oven until the cheese melts. Amazing right? You’re welcome.

This last one is my personal favorite. Its a Sauteed mushroom mini tart. For this, you need to wash and chop up some mushrooms and saute them in a pan with some oil,butter, salt and pepper. After they are cooked, put them in the shells and top them off with some sauteed caramelized onions. Yes, You’re welcome again.

Enjoy these little treats this Christmas with a cup of Hot cocoa!


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