Congratulations are in order, for I had the extraordinary pleasure of attending the 2015 edition of the Indian Food Blogger Awards, held by the Food Bloggers Association, India. This was their 3rd consecutive year and, as anticipated, it was incredible. The event was conducted beautifully starting from the decor to the main award ceremony followed by the dinner.

It was the kind of unforgettable experience that you take with you to your deathbed. To say that I encountered some of the most astute food bloggers and food lovers would be an understatement. Moreover, I had the privilege of meeting and talking to the two people from the industry that have inspired me with their talent and passion for food all these years, Chefs Vicky Ratnani and Ranveer Brar.

A brief section of the evening was chiefly dedicated to the Master himself, Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, who bestowed us with some highly useful insights.

Initially, I was quite nervous about the event since it was my first time, but all that uneasiness and any other negative emotion was vanquished by the welcoming nature of the venue as well as the people inside. It was evident that every individual present in the hall shared more than just a roof. They also shared an all-consuming passion for food and everything related to it.

The finest of us all won well-deserved awards in various categories, which was ultimately what the evening was about, and even though my nominated blog did not bag a prize, I was glad just to be able to meet people so shrewd and humble.

The food that was served was a major highlight of the evening. Since it was an evening devoted to food bloggers and critics, some of the best in the city, I don’t think they could afford to lag behind on the food. They had a diverse buffet with a choice between Indian and Continental cuisines. The dessert counter was an unavoidable attraction with more than ten varieties of mouthwatering desserts on display. The award ceremony did not last very long, giving all of us plenty of time to interact with everyone in the room and get to know each other.

All these elements put together, it was truly a wonderful evening with lots of excitement, really interesting people, and scrumptious food. I am already waiting with bated breath for IFBA2016!


Edited by: Ms. Priyam Gupta.


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