-301°F: My Experience

This is a place I recently visited. It’s an Ice cream parlor, but not your ordinary one.

This place is known for selling nitrogen ice cream. For all of you who don’t know what nitro ice cream is; Its ice cream made from scratch on a Metal plate with the help of liquid nitrogen. You just need to add the ingredients that are needed to make the ice cream  and mix it in together on the metal plate. With this, ice cream can literally be made right in front of you, within minutes!

I had heard a lot about Nitrogen ice cream, but never thought I would find it in my city. When I found this place, I was obviously very excited to try what it had to offer.

It is a pretty youthful place. It’s vibrant and the decor is young and peppy. Their menu is quite exciting as well. They have a variety of ice cream and have even better combos. We tried a combo called “Red as love”. It has a layer of chocolate cake and red velvet cake each with scoops of chocolate ice cream and freshly made rolls of cream cheese ice cream, topped off with chocolate chips, sprinkles and a chocolate roll.

They not only give you amazing ice cream but also give you good service. The quality of the food is undoubtedly very good as well. And since Nitrogen ice cream is not very widely sold in India, it does give them an edge over all the other ice cream parlors.

In simple words, it is a place worth going too. The pricing is very reasonable and it definitely tingles your taste buds and also gives you an interesting sight to watch.

So, if you love ice cream or just want to see how it can be made, definitely check this place out. It won’t disappoint you!

                   IMG_20150818_235608 (1)                                Picture1


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