Red Velvet. Are you sure?

Well, I was talking to a friend the other day and we were generally discussing about food, when we stumbled onto the very well known Red velvet cake. This made me realize about the many misconceptions people have about this delicacy. 

Even though people know about it and love to eat it, they don’t know about the making of the cake or what it actually tastes like. This leads to bakeries fooling them about what Red velvet cake really is. In a way it is these bakeries that form certain misconceptions and misguided perceptions about this beauty.

So, Red velvet is originally from The United States and it gained its popularity because of the vibrant color it had. During that time, the whole concept of colored cake was very new which was one of the main factors that attracted people towards this cake. Before the invention of food coloring, beetroot is what gave it its well known red color. It has ingredients like vinegar, buttermilk and cocoa that makes it so different from the rest. Since it has vinegar and buttermilk in it, the cake tends to have a slightly sour aftertaste to it, which is very well complimented by the cream cheese frosting, since the subtle cheese mixes really well with the acidic flavors!

But sadly, these days most bakeries have it all wrong. I am not saying that every bakery is the same or does not give genuine products, but most bakeries don’t. I have noticed that a majority of the apparent red velvet cakes that are sold today are merely vanilla cakes colored red and topped off with whipped cream, Because of which people often think that just because a cake is red; it’s a red velvet cake. They don’t understand the complexities of the well known delight, which according to me is really sad because they pay a good price for a product that isn’t very genuine and since they are unaware, they cannot distinguish either.

A vanilla cake has a very basic taste to it where as red velvet is more moist and fluffy with a slight tinge of sourness to it. Someone who does not really know cakes very well, may have a tough time differentiating between the two, but you need to remember that red velvet cake is a lot more light and moist as compared to a regular vanilla cake; this is because of the reaction of the acidic vinegar and buttermilk.

Red velvet is such a beautiful cake and I personally think that people should get to know more about it so that they can enjoy this delicacy a lot more!

PS- I hope this post has helped some of you understand the Red velvet a little better.

I do not mean to hurt or disrespect anyone’s opinion or personal taste with this post, It is just my personal opinion on the matter.


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