Why food?

A lot of people ask me why I love food so much?! Why I am so dedicated to it in a way? What is it that drives me so much towards it? Well, apart from the fact that food is an essential element to our existence, I think it is one of the very few things that all cultures and all people around the word have in common. Like music, food is something that brings everyone together.

Food gives people happiness and joy and the feeling of togetherness and fulfillment. Ever noticed how each and every celebration, ceremony, festival, event, party has food as its prime focus? No matter which part of the world you belong to or which religion or country you are from, food has always been and will be an essential part of your life. The joy that it brings to people is truly beautiful. I have always loved food. There is no particular reason to it but I think it’s because I have seen how much of our worlds revolve around it. It is something that breaks all barriers and gets people a little closer.

I recently went to an Iftaar (it is the evening meal when Muslims end their daily Ramadan fast at sunset) and although I am not a Muslim but when I went there I felt really welcomed and there were a lot of people there who were Muslim and a lot of them who weren’t but when everyone sat down to break their fast and ate together, it felt like there were never any boundaries at all. Everyone only focused on the food. It was a really beautiful sight to watch because I saw how food can really break through these barriers and create a certain sense of harmony.

So, to all the people out there who ask me why I love food so much – It is because I feel like food brings us all together and makes our world a smaller place. I’d rather choose to sit with my loved ones and share a good meal than do anything else at all. 


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