Cupcake Issues

I love cupcakes. Personally I think they are the best. And being this person who eats a lot of cupcakes from various places, I have come to notice that there are quite a few common mistakes that bakeries make when selling cupcakes.

I bake too and i am constantly eating cupcakes from outside to assess their taste and texture and I find that most bakeries focus too much on the presentation which leads to them giving less attention to the actual taste of the cupcake. There have been times when I chose a cupcake because it looked very pretty and when I tasted it I was utterly dissapointed. Another mistake that is usually made is that the cake and the icing both are too sweet.

According to me a cupcake should not be very sweet as the sweetness overpowers the taste. The cake should be mildly sweet and the icing should be sweeter so that the taste is balanced and the sugar isn’t overpowering. One more mistake that I have often noticed is that too much fondant is used to decorate the cupcake because of which the original taste isn’t as prominent as it would be otherwise. Not mixing the icing sugar well for the frosting and making the cake very dense are also a few of the mistakes I have observed.

I am not a professional but i do think that if bakers and bakeries pay a little more attention to the product they sell, rather than the Profit they are making out of it, the cupcakes will be much better and will sell more at probably a better price because people want something worth the money that they pay. I am not saying that every place sells cupcakes that aren’t up to the mark but a majority of the places definitely make these mistakes and somewhere I feel like its not as satisfying for a foodie or for someone who just wants to eat a cupcake when the product isn’t as good as its advertised. And as a cupcake lover i hope that these little details are taken care of so that every time someone eats a cupcake they are more than satisfied and completely happy!


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